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The Purpose of the Divorce Complaint

The divorce complaint is the initial document filed and served in the divorce process. It is filed with the court and then served on your spouse. The primary purpose of the complaint is to let the defendant (your spouse) and the court know why you want the divorce, i.e., what grounds or basis you have for the divorce.

Traditionally there were 9 bases for filing for divorce in New Jersey:

1.         Adultery

2.         Willful and Continued Desertion for 12 or more months

3.         Extreme Cruelty

4.         18 Months Separation

5.         Desertion

6.         Voluntarily induced addiction or habituation to any narcotic drug as defined in the New Jersey Controlled Dangerous Substances Act. or habitual drunkenness for a period of 12 or more consecutive months Continue reading →

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