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On top of basic child support both parents have a duty to contribute to the cost of the custodial parent’s work-related childcare expenses.Work-related childcare expenses are not limited to the cost of placing a child in daycare. Work-related childcare can also include: after-school care, care provided prior to school, having a person in your house who cares for the child (e.g., a nanny), care provided during the summer months at a daycamp, or other camp.

With regards to childcare, one of the more common areas of disagreement between parents is: who decides where the child will go for childcare? One parent may be insistent on a childcare experience which includes an educational and socializing experience for the child outside of the house, whereas the other parent may not want their child left with “strangers”, and they will insist on family members taking care of the child.

Another area of disagreement is how much should be paid for daycare. The childcare provider whose program includes an educational and socializing component is usually much more expensive than the family member caregiver. As well, the parents have to figure out whether full-time or part-time care makes more sense. Continue reading →

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